Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update on us

Things are going good at the Walker household. Ian just started nursing school and Aliyah just started indoor soccer. We went to her first game Saturday. Although she likes to play she stood there like a statue for most of the game. We are starting to wonder if we should just put her in art classes since that is what she really is passionate about. But at the same time we would like her to try new things and be balanced in life.
Maddox is good. He is enjoying going to my friend Tiffany's house to be babysat while Ian is in school and I am at work. He even cried that other day because he wanted to stay there to play with her daughter Kinley and not come home! I think this is his first crush!
Things are going well at Target. I am not as busy but still seem to not find enough time in the day. I am considering taking the LSAT and going to law school. More on that if it happens. Other than that we are staying busy and running a lot.
I just got back from a spur of the moment trip with my brother Evan to Hawaii where he ran the HURT 100 which is a 100 mile footrace. That was an awesome birthday gift and unforgettable experience. This has really inspired me to take my recreational running to a whole new level. Not a 100 mile race anytime soon but eventually why not?? I have lots of pictures posted from the trip on facebook and myspace but if you have neither and would like to see some pics let me know.
Going forward there is a race in Cali in the middle of April we would like to do. It is a marathon and 50k but unfortunately we found out we can't do the 50 k because you have had have done one in the past 6 months or so to register for it. But even the marathon would be cool. It would be our first race of the year. The pics online look beautiful and it is a more challenging marathon. Also, my brother Evan, Alex, brother in law Dave, and of course Ian also would like to do it with me. That would make it even more worth it. I am so blessed to have a supportive and close family!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Walker way of life

Don't be too surprised I am blogging again. I will be doing it more often since I don't have any friends and need a way to vent! Just kidding but seriously. A lot has changed over the past year since I last blogged. We are now back in Alaska and bought our first house. We love it and Ian is doing an awesome job of remolding and of course I do an awesome job of picking out what would look good. The kids are adjusting well. Aliyah loves school and Maddox is starting to communicate better which is good for everyone involved. You may think he is speaking gibberish but if you listen closely you will hear actually words. Aliyah loves having family close and asks almost everyday if she can go to grandma's and see the boys. And by boys I mean her uncles who are 17 and 19. Ian and I are still running. We ran our first half marathon and marathon this past summer and are now training for the LA Marathon in February. I am excited and anxious. I really want to improve my time. Running is nice because it is sometimes the only time we see each other. I also like it because I get to be out doors in beautiful Alaska and with the right gear an if you don't stop moving it isn't too cold. Sometimes I get to run with my big brother. That is fun too since he is so good at it and keeping me positive. If it wasn't for the full support of my family through encouragement and babysitting I would never get to run. They drive me to do well and not just with running. Running also keeps me sane. With opening up a new Target in Alaska , getting ready for the holidays, and while trying to have a life it can get tricky. Anyways I think Ian and I are going to go on a run before I work tonight. Is anyone available to babysit?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Been a long time

Sorry I haven't wrote for awhile but things have been busy in the Walker household. I made it through my first holiday season in retail. It wasn't that bad but I was busy and I missed not being able to go to church at least every other week. Ian is working for the local hospital as a valet two nights a week but can't wait to be able to work at the Marriott again this summer. He is still in school just waiting to start the nursing program. Aliyah is enjoying swimming and gymnastic classes at the local YMCA. She is still loving being a big sister and Maddox loves having her around. Maddox is rolling all over to get where he needs to go and sits up well by himself. We are doing well and getting eager to get back up to Alaska. And FYI we are trying to make a trip down to Utah in April. We should be there sometime in late May. Anyways, here are some new pics-some are from awhile ago but they are newly posted. Hope all is well with everyone. We love and miss you all.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cold but no snow......

So I sometimes will look to see what the weather is like in Eagle River, AK compared to Tacoma, WA and right now we are only a bit warmer and of course no snow. This will be Ian's first Christmas without snow as well as Aliyahs'. It will be my first time since 1999 when I lived in CA. I heard it may snow here but the chances aren't good it will stick. I actually love the snow I just don't like it dragging into spring...-those from Alaska know why I wrote that!
Anyways we are starting to get in holiday spirit. I have lots of great ideas for traditions I want us to carry on-some that we have been doing every year and some we haven't. The part that will make it a really strange is working in retail and that we have only Selena and her family around. We will be having Thanksgiving at my mom's brother's house, Brian. He lives south of Seattle.
As for an update on the family, we have been good. This first month of work has flown by and I have made it out alive. I feel confident things will only get better. Aliyah is now reading a few words.She is such a fast learner. Maddox is still growing very fast and is really starting to get into little toys. His favorite is anything lion-he even growls like one if you growl at him! Ian got his acceptance letter into the nursing program at UAA -starting summer 2009 (there is a waiting list). Only 20 in every 300 that apply get in. He maybe able to start sooner if a slot opens up. He will be going for his bach in nursing. Halloween was fun. I have posted new pics of it. Well, I am sure you are all sick of this long post. I will try to post about once a week so they aren't so long! Miss and love you all!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My first blog

So I have always wanted to have one of these but have been to lazy to try to figure out how to start one. Thanks to Taryn or not thanks to her-however you look at it- I will be blogging as often as I can.
Now you can read the latest on what is going on with the Walker family. Things are going good in Washington. I just came back to work after a 10 week maternity leave. I enjoy my job so it makes it a bit easier. Plus it is retail so as you can imagine things are very busy right now so the day goes by quickly. Aliyah just turned 5 but missed the cut off for kindergarten so we are trying to find other things to occupy her time and take care of all the energy she has so she doesn't drive everyone crazy. She loves being a big sister and told me the other day she is, "getting used to the way things are in Washington." She does miss Alaska and living by so many family members but kids adjust so well. Maddox is now three months old. He is rolling over, smiling all the time, and loves to talk. I have pictures but need to post the new ones.
Well, I just got home from work and need to feed and play with the baby while Ian and Aliyah head to the gym. If I am lucky I might have the time and energy to go least I have tomorrow off.